Unidro will supply a Condensate Treatment and Recovery Package in the frame of a Waste to Energy project in A2A Brescia, Power Station.

The energy recovery from exhaust fumes is designed and supplied by the French LAB (group CNIM), and the recovered energy is used for remote heating.

The unit ordered to Unidro will treat condensate water and recover it as demineralized water by means of UF, RO and EDI technologies. A similar system was supplied by Unidro a few years ago for the Hofor PS in Copenhagen, and is now successfully in operation.

Saur finalized the acquisition of Nijhuis Industries, the Dutch leader in industrial water treatment solutions. The Saur Group will now bring Saur Industrie, Unidro and Econvert together with Nijhuis to form its new Industry Division.

The creation of this new division further illustrates and highlights Saur’s ambition to make its role as a defender of water a central commitment that will drive its future growth.
Supported by the unique ‘customer for life approach’ this merger will also enable Saur to build a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and adaptive solutions for industrial water users: the Saur Group is now a leading actor in this global market contributing to a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future.

Patrick Blethon, Chief Executive Officer of the Saur Group: “Only a clean industry will be able to deliver an effective response to the ecological and reindustrialization issues that are now central to the concerns of our regions. Saur wants to work closely with industrial companies and local authorities to succeed in the challenge of building European industrial sovereignty.”

Saipem, Chiyoda and McDermott Joint Venture selected Unidro as a supplier of several Water Treatment Packages inside the new On Shore LNG plant in Mozambique for Total (End User).

This is the second big LNG project in Mozambique, after Coral FLNG (ENI End User), and in both cases Unidro has been selected to supply the water and waste water treatment packages.
Our new supply will include a number of units:

During the years our Ecoservice workshop in Bergamo area has become the heart of Unidro systems assembly and factory testing, prior to shipment. As Unidro continued its growth, the original facility turned to be less adequate in terms of space and equipment and in the last few years temporary locations, as available in the nearby area, had to be added upon need.
Finally, in 2019 the decision was taken to look for a new location, in order to match the requirements of the more and more demanding Company business. The place has been identified in Levate (still Bergamo area) and the migration planned for H2 2020.
The transfer is now started and will be completed by the end of the year.
Once the migration is completed our E&I engineering department, software development team, quality control staff will be located in brand-new offices. Comfortable space for meeting clients members and inspectors is also available. Within the same building, a large shop area (more than twice the surface of the former facility) fully equipped to host the activities of piping fabrication, skid assembly and testing, control panel assembly, wiring and testing will allow for the execution of our work in full compliance with the quality, safety and health requirements, and a perfect job continuity among engineers, workers, suppliers and clients will be ensured.

This is an important step on the continuous path of Unidro to meet our Client’s expectation and to cope with a growing business. Moreover, in this very difficult period, this move wants to be a positive message to our staff, clients and suppliers, of confidence in the future.

After almost two months of lock-down of most part of manufacturing activity, Italy is gradually releasing the restrictions and going back work. As for Unidro, we never interrupted our business. Soon after the outbreak was announced, the company established a COVID Committee, including management and staff representative as well as medical and HSE advisors, to monitor the situation and take all the necessary initiatives to maintain business continuity.
A detailed Protocol covering all aspects of our activity including all actions recommended by national and international health authorities has been adopted by the company and shared among all employees.

In addition to the above actions taken to protect our staff, our partners and our community, we have also considered how to mitigate the impact of this worldwide situation on our projects and clients.
Our Teams: since the beginning, we are sharing prompt and transparent information with our clients on all ongoing projects and proposals, fully available to organize or attend call conferences with our client/partners, paying extra-effort in supporting our suppliers to restore the supply chain.
Our site S/V: as for site support, to mitigate the impact of the travel restrictions we have created a complete and interdisciplinary remote support dedicated to our customers site staff: daily meeting, on line trainings, practical instructions using videos and pictures, web monitoring of process data and much more are part of our 24/7 service to site already in place with several customers.
Our shops: from this week also our two shops, Ecoservice and Unidro Scambiatori reopened, even if with some unavoidable precautions. We are quickly recovering our pace.

Even in these exceptional circumstances, our business commitment for Safety, Quality and Client Satisfaction remains unchanged and with this in mind, we are acting in the best interest of our employees, clients and partners.

Unidro and its sister Companies Ecoservice and Unidro Scambiatori are now part of Saur, a leading French water services management company.
In both the domestic and international market, Saur serves local authorities and industrial companies in the successful development of projects for water supply and treatment.
Saur’s 2019 key figures: EUR 1.5 billion Group net revenue, 7,000 local authorities contracted, 9,000 employees and 12 million consumers in France and worldwide.

For Unidro, this is an important step up to consolidate the growth experienced in the past years, dealing with the most qualified international EPC contractors and delivering systems and services to the most demanding end users in the heavy industries.

The operating organization of Unidro remains the same, as well as the business model and the commitment to serve all Clients, and meet in whole their expectations.

Unidro is taking action to protect the health of our community, of our staff and of our partners and to maintain as much as possible the business continuity of our company. In addition, we are taking measures to assure continuity of our business.
Project management and engineering work: Unidro decided to apply extensively home working for the office staff starting from, March 10th. Accordingly, internal meetings as well as meetings with other parties take place over the internet.
Travels: all business trips are suspended. Local mobility of our staff is strictly limited to the most urgent cases.
Equipment, component and raw material procurement: procurement activities could be heavily affected due to possible problems in the global supply chain affecting the final delivery of the procured items. We are promptly evaluating the most appropriate mitigation action in case of troubles.
Shop fabrication and skid assembly work: our fabrication and assembly works are mostly executer locally (Italy). From today March 23rd) most of the fabrication shops are closed in compliance government prescriptions.

Even in these exceptional circumstances, our business commitment for Safety, Quality and Client Satisfaction remains unchanged and with this in mind, we are acting in the best interest of our employees, clients and partners.

Unidro has been selected by Exxon Mobil and Qatar Petroleum (End Users) and the consortium including Chiyoda, CB&I and Zachry (EPC contractor) as supplier of all WT and WWT systems for the Golden Pass LNG Terminal in Texas. This large expansion project will add liquefaction and export capabilities to the existing terminal in Sabine Pass, originally intended to be a gas regasification facility, and is planned to be operational in 2024.
Unidro’s scope includes 6 different packages: demineralization unit, condensate recovery and 4 waste decontamination/recovery units. The selection of Unidro on this tender is the result of a technically and commercially successful proposal combined with the list of good records of the company with both End User partners (Exxon Mobil and QP) as well as with the EPC JV’s members Chiyoda and CB&I (McDermott).

Finnish biofuel producer and oil refiner Neste is going to more than double output at its Singapore refinery to meet rising global demand for renewable energy. The Singapore expansion will increase renewable fuel output by up to 1.3 million tonnes per year (tpy) from the current 1 million tpy. Unidro has been chosen to supply a Reverse Osmosis System and a Mixed Bed Exchangers Package facing a new important challenge.

We have completed the pre-commissioning of our Condensate Water Treatment Plant and Make up Water Production Plant within the new biomass Power Plant in Copenhagen. In the next months the whole PP will start working and Unidro plant will treat the condensate from fumes wash to guarantee its complete decontamination and recovery. Unidro, supported by the expertise of Nitto Denko (world leader membrane supplier), has designed a multi-step treatment which allows for concentration reduction down to ppt values for toxic heavy metals, in order to meet the stringent discharge parameters.
For major details refer to our dedicated web page to New Biomass Power Plant in Copenhagen in main project section of our web site.